Grain, dough and fire: workshop sourdough pizza at Fabbrica

On April 29, 2018, I was able to share my passion with 32 enthusiastic people from the North of Holland in a workshop about grain, sourdough, bread and pizza within the beautiful setting of Fabbrica. A blistering hot wood oven, beautiful dough of locally grown organic wheat and great people made it an unforgettable day.

Just last Monday, I was standing next to the millstones with miller Vincent Kraan in his mill. With a strong western wind the conditions were great. The smell of freshly ground and local grown lavett wheat made me happy, but at the same time a bit nervous: I have to teach the art of sourdough to more than 30 participants in less than a week…

The freshly ground wholemeal flour was sieved and ready for me a day later in two 25 kg bags. Four days later it was up to me: 1400 grams of sourdough, two big doughs and twenty hours of prooding … Sunday morning I got up at 7 am to check my doughs. Yes! Beautiful development, ready for division and the final proofing! 52 doughs further, my crates were filled. With a car full of Dutch buffalo mozzarella from Denekamp, ​​salami from the Groene Weg butcher and a tower of dough crates, I arrived at restaurant Fabbrica a bit later.

Fabbrica’s regular pizzaiolo Roberto already had amazing flames in the wood-fired oven, ready for last phase of the dough… But first we kneaded, prepared, laughed and the soils were formed. Everything by the participants themselves.

What an amazing workshop. Anne Groen, Arend Voet, Roberto Pandolfo, Paul de Wit, participants and of course the whole team of Maalderij de Gouden Engel, grazie per tutti!!


IMG_2902 IMG_2921



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