Week course in Galica

The dough has been leavening all night, the wood oven is sizzling hot and the courtyard filles with the scent of bread, made from organic Spanish grains and sourdough… A perfume you’ll be meeting everyday during this course!

unnamed (2)Surrounded by hills, lakes and forests, this week we’ll discover the secret of real sourdough bread. I’ll take you in my fascination for grains and sourdough and show you yeast is otiose for good en beautifully leavened bread. The sourdough we’ll be using has been started by me in the Italian Dolomites in 2013. Since that time, she’s active in a sourdough-pizzeria, Italian trattorria’s, flour mill “De Gouden Engel” and many enthusiastic home bakers.

What we’re going to do? Bake with sourdough and a traditional wood-fired oven: from my classic base bread made from wheat flour to filled loafs, pane castaño and Neapolitan Pizza. The course is structured in such a way that, regardless of your experience, you’ll be able to bake great bread at home, in your own oven, after this week.

From sprout to crumb

The days cosist of a combination of practice and theory. Autolyse, folding, bringing tension in your dough… Under the Spanish sun, I’ll teach you all about your dough and baking it. But we’re going on, or back actually, because it all starts with the feeling for your grain. The farmer that cultivates it, the local climate, the difference in types of grains, which is the influence of different milling techniques en how all this workos on the structure of the dough.

Knowledge that brings you further

During the course we’ll be mainly baking in the wood oven, and that is something not everybody has at home. For that reason, we’ll be using two difference baking techniques: baking on the floor in the traditional oven and baking with steam in a cast iron pan. You’ll learn about both techniques, which way of working I designed for it and that a cast iron pan gives a beautiful result in (almost) every oven.

Casa da Cabaza

unnamed (4)The week course takes place in Casa da Cabaza, a boutique bed & breakfast at the Galician countryside. An old farmhouse that has been transformed into a lovely place, surrounded by nature, peace and quiet. De products that are being used in this kitchen are organic, from the own garden or locally bought. You can have an awesome hike or take a swim in the lake. It is located 15 kilometers from the Camino de Santiago and close to the Ribeira Sacra with its delicious wine, beautiful views over the rivers and steep slopes.

Not only baking

Sourdough bread is amazing, but there’s more! We’re going to visit local grainfields, a local watermill and enjoy a wine tasting with lunch at an organic bodega. Besides the program, there’s of course time to stroll through the woods, visit towns or relax in the beautiful nature…


The program

This week is all about kneading, baking and enjoying. Because of the long leavening times, we’ll do most of the theory in the evenings. After that, we’ll knead the dough for the next day. After a great diner, good night of sleep and breakfast, we’re going to fire up the oven. Just before lunch, our loafs will meet the oven and we’ll have lunch with our own bread and local products: la buena vida!


Day 1: arrival

After arriving in Casa da Cabaza, you can explore the surroundings and meet the other participants during the welcome diner. Of cours, we’ll start the dinner with the main thing: sourdough bread!

Day 2: introduction to sourdough

After breakfast we’re going to work with the dough I prepared the day before: base bread. This dough, made from organic wheat flour, is the base of all recipes ánd techniques you’ll be learning. We’ll prepare the dough for the last leaving phase, after we fire up the oven and you’ll learn the basics of sourdough. In the evening I’ll be teaching more about this type of bread and we’ll the kenading for this dough.

Day 3: different types of flour

We’ll prepare the base bread for the oven and bake before lunch. From this base, we’ll be going on during the evening program: on our way to a dough-combination of Spanish whole wheat rye and wheat flour. You’ll learn about the difference in grains and how to take this into account when making your recipe.

Day 4: filled loafs and good wine

A meandering river, beautiful views and banks that seem impossible steep for viticulture. Nevertheless, wine has been cultivated for centuries in the Ribeira Sacra (holy bank) where all grapes are picked and transported by hand. Before we taste these wines and enjoy a lunch at the bodega, we bake our rye-wheat dough.

The evening program is dedicated to filled bread. With dried fruits and nuts from the region you will learn why dough for filled bread needs more attention and how sourdough melts the taste of the ingredients together.


Day 5: flour with a different character

After having baked the filled bread, we’ll be working with chestnut flour in the evening: a typical product from the north of Spain. We work on doughs with a special character and translate them into great bread the next day!

Day 6: incontrare la Pizza Napoletana!

After baking our last chestnut dough, the wood oven continues to burn through. Before dinner she is fired to a shimmering 500 degrees and you get to know a product that, according to Carlo Petrini (Slow Food), releases the most emotions in the culinary world. With this type of pizza, my passion for sourdough started and I’ll take you along in the basics of the process, from my internship in Italy to sourdough pizzeria El Flaco.

Day 7: goodbye

After breakfast you can reminisce about the workshop, walk along the lake or through the forest and then it’s time to say goodbye to Casa da Cabaza.


Price for the week course: € 995 per person

Included in the price

  • all ingredients, kitchen equipment and material
  • all meals: from the dinner on day 1 to the breakfast on day 7
  • 6 nights accomodation based on a double room (charge for a single room is € 100)

Not included in the price:

  • transport from and to the airport (can be organised by Casa da Cabaza)
  • alcoholic drinks during the stay in Casa da Cabaza and at lunch in the bodega


  • May 27 – June 2 (2019)
  • September 1 – 7 (2019)

For more information about the course or registrations, you can reach me by mail: vincent.vanderwolf@gmail.com or call: 0031 (0)653276635

More information about Casa da Cabaza? www.casacabaza.com


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