Basic sourdough bread (1)


At least 24 hours of proofing, a beautifully matured dough and an intensely smelling and tasting bread … The result of the basic workshop desembrood. During this workshop you will learn in 3-4 hours how to bake your own sourdough bread in a cast iron pan, in your own oven. The cast iron pan provides a beautifully leavened bread and crispy crust.


During the workshop you will learn how to work with dough based on sourdough, after which you will get a part of my sourdough to bake yourself. You will learn all about how to bake your bread without sour taste, maintain the sourdough and determine the right proofing time. Because of the long proofing, we work with a prepared dough, the next day you can bake with your own dough that we knead on the day of the workshop.

We start by shaping the dough prepared by me. After shaping the final proofing will take about two hours. During this process I explain the proofing and baking process and we knead a new dough. During this workshop you get a feeling for working the beautiful but wet dough, the starting and maintenance of sourdough and the best configuration of the oven. At the end of the workshop, the shaped dough is baked and we enjoy the smell and taste it has created during the long leavening process.

The workshop in short:

  1. the workshop is given at home, with your own
  2. we bake the bread in a cast iron pan, in the oven
  3. during the workshop we bake with the dough prepared by me the day before
  4. during the workshop you knead your own dough to bake the next day
  5. after the workshop you bake the best sourdough bread yourself
  6. we work exclusively with organic grains
  7. the workshop can be given at any desired location, provided there is an oven that can be heated to a minimum of 230 degrees.

For a price indication and more information you can reach me:  0031 (0)6 53276635 or mail me.