From your own oven (workshops at home)


Baking the best sourdough bread in your own oven? During these workshops I teach you how to work with your own oven and my best tool: a cast iron pan. The pan ensures that we can bake just as well as in a professional steam oven, no matter what type of oven you have (gas, electric or wood-fired).

At every workshop we work with my sourdough, started more than four years ago in the Italian Dolomites and active in the sourdough pizzeria El Flaco. After each workshop you will get a part of my sourdough.

From your own oven, just like the open workshops in the mill, there are three workshops:

  1. Basic workshop sourdough;  the elements of baking with sourdough and (organic) wheat flour.
  2. Working with different grains; we’ll work with grains like spelt, rye, enkir, emmer, hard wheat… This workshop can be tailor made.
  3. Filled sourdough bread; filled bread is the perhaps the nicest, but also the most difficult variant of baking with sourdough. The biggest difference with filled bread and ordinary sourdough bread is that with filled bread the dough must be able to carry the filling. For this you want a strong dough that has muscles, to take the filling with you during the baking and proofing process and to ensure a fusion of flavors.