Pizzeria El Flaco

In the spring of 2017 I was asked for the start of a new pizzeria in Oud-Beijerland (The Netherlands). The philosophy of the owner originates from the ideas of Johan Cruyff. More information

Sourdough bread in restaurants

Enjoying a beautiful olive oil with oven-fresh sourdough bread or swiping the last bits of sauce from an awesome pasta dish … Since 2017 I provide masterclasses in baking bread for restaurants. In these places, my sourdough is already a fixed guest:

Open workshops

Turning wicks, fresh milled organic wheat from the North of Holland, explanation from the miller himself and learning the art of sourdough? In 2017 I started a collaboration with Maalderij de Gouden Engel. During the open workshops you will get the same (baking) handles as during the concept “From your own oven”, but now under the wicks of a real organic flour mill. More information.