Sourdough pizzeria El Flaco

In the spring of 2017 I was asked for the start of a new pizzeria in Oud-Beijerland (The Netherlands). The philosophy of the owner originates from the ideas of Johan Cruyff. It quickly became clear that Neapoletan pizza was the perfect way of baking for this concept, for which I learned the basics in Italy and developed my own method with sourdough.


My role in this project is to work out the dough recipes, the culinary process and the selection of the ingredients.


Although almost every pizzeria uses commercial yeast as a basis for the proofing process, I work with a dough based on my own sourdough, without yeast and with the organic flour of Mulino Marino from the Italian Langhe. I am proud that my sourdough here, together with the great team, ensures beautiful results every evening. Pizzeria El Flaco is the first Dutch pizzeria that dares this: “Sometimes something has to happen before something happens …” (Johan Cruiff).