Working with different grains (2)

The baking of sourdough bread remains a continuous learning process: inventing and preparing dough, waiting, baking, enjoying … The more you repeat this process, the more feeling you get with your dough and the better the result.


The basic workshop desembrood is aimed at baking with sourdough and (organic) wheat flour, the strongest type of flour. From this base we will start working with other doughs in this workshop : antique grains, (half-) whole grains and the use of grains without gluten.


I will put together the content of the workshop on the base of your wishes and the availability of (local) grains. In any case, we bake with two doughs that I prepare because of the long proofing time. Then during the workshop, we prepare the same type of dough again so that you can bake it the next day. The core of the workshop consists of:


  • dough 1: a combination of wheat flour and whole grain with less or no gluten: rye, oat, spelt, kamut…
  • deeg 2: a dough completely based on spelt flour or a dough you prefer
  • explanation about the differences in types of grain and the baking result (crumb structure, crust, proofing time)
  • explanation about the maintenance of your sourdough and optimization of the proofing process.

This workshop is given at home, in your own oven. Once again we bake in cast-iron pans, so it is important that:

  • the oven can be heated to a minimum of 230 degrees
  • the oven has space for at least one cast iron pan with a diameter of 25 cm
  • the first workshop has been completed and/or participants have experience in baking with only sourdough.

For a price indication and more information you can reach me:  0031 (0)6 53276635 or mail me.